The Mr. and Me

Who I am…..A daughter of Christ. A mother of many, wife to a loving man.

What brings me here..? A kindred spirit in Blended Family life. I have a  heart for saving marriages that statistically go bad. Because of my past, My heart seeks growth, faith, and redemption in re-marriage. In my life as a Christian mother and wife, I have had many ups and downs on the road of life. Most recent, the forever life changing day on April 17th, 2017 when my oldest son Ethan, died by suicide.  This day changes everything EXCEPT my faith in Christ. Without his mercy, without HIM in my life our family would live without hope. In the end, I think you will find that is the true reason for this blog. Hope in a life filled with love from the Heavens above, A HOPE for more than what some have.

The chance to share with you, that life is fragile and beautiful and filled with so much to give.

Redemption brings us to a place where we can know that Grace. Can I share it with you? I would love for you to know it as we do here at our place.

I don’t know why people are curious about me…simple me with the rarest of personalities. Some have reached out these last months to read about our Blended Family. Some want to know more about the loss of our boy. Some want to hear how faith sustains all we are.

Early mornings alone with my Bible in hand, evenings with a fire burning close and the Mr. near my side, the way I relax.

Camping far, far out, kayaking down a river and long hikes in the woods are the best. Sounds of life outside bring me joy. Far away family visits, the sound of my Bigs laughing at their own jokes, the littles coming from the Big North are a few of my favorite things.

The Mr. and me, we have a crowd. Five are mine, three are his and now our sweet number nine joins our circle of love.

Five are boys, four are girls. One adopted from Bulgaria, two from China and three are French Canadian most of the time. Five of nine reside here in the Michigan-Midwest all of the time.  The BIGS are mine from fourteen to nineteen. They share time with their dad a few miles away The Littles are the Mr’s from ten to fourteen. Thier mom loves on them through the school year in the far North. They join us all summer long and each vacation from school. My Ethan, well he is counted always if you ask how many kids we have. His new home, Heaven. He moved there much too soon.  Number nine is almost twenty with no family to call her own. A gift in this life, with struggles to share,  a heart ready for a family of love.  Mostly we think of all of them as “ours”.



That’s us…..well maybe there is more.

Read on if you want to hear more about an everyday family and the Hope we have in all Christ Gives us.